Family Owned and Operated

imagePure Florida Apiary puts much pride into the quality of our products. We are a local company that is serving our community with the best available local raw honey, nothing added nothing taken away.

Right from the hive to the bottle. All honey has a specific season, with not blending or anything being added, the consumer is able to actually taste the difference.

Find us at the local farmer's market! Our honey is sold at 417 12th Street, W. Suite 104 (the Jennings Arcade Mall on Old Main Street) in Bradenton, Florida.

We can also be found at the Bradenton Farmers' Market Downtown during the market season from 9am until 2pm.

Alex is a hard working Beekeeper who takes pride in his bees, his work and his product. He is a true Artisan Beekeeper single sourcing Orange Blossoms, Palmetto, Mangrove and other natural Florida flavors!

Other Daily Uses for Honey:

1. As a Natural Face Wash

2. To Speed Recovery from Cuts and Burns

3. As a Cough Remedy

4. Herbal Cough Drops

5. Honey Shampoo

6. Natural Sleep Aid