Take Local Raw Honey for Allergies

Pure Florida Honey Company

We've all heard something about the connection between raw honey and allergies. I'm asked for more information on this topic weekly and Yes, it is true that you can use honey to reduce or even eliminate allergy symptoms.

Whether a year round resident or snow bird so many of us are seasonal or year-round, allergy sufferers are continuously seeking solutions to stop the sneezing, stuffy nose, watery eyes, sinus headaches, and all the other symptoms of nasal allergies.

In the Bradenton, Florida area there is something blooming all year long. So more than likely, if you like many are allergic to pollen, it doesn’t matter what season it is.

Some people rave about bee pollen, however, to really be effective, it should be from local bees who get their nectar from local flowers that cause your allergies. Makes sense?

Raw – The honey needs to say that it is raw like our honey does. Honey that is raw will still contain all the living enzymes needed to protect your body from a histamine overdose.

Local – Raw honey that is harvested nearby where the same sort of plants are blooming at roughly the same time can be considered local.

Allergen Appropriate – If you have fall allergies, you need to use raw, local Bradenton honey that is harvested in the fall. If you buy raw, local honey that was harvested in the spring, you will no doubt enjoy some honey and get some health benefits. You will not, however benefit from the allergy prevention because the pollens to which you are allergic will not be found in this honey.